Thursday, 8 December 2011

Erlang R13A on OpenVMS Integrity Servers V.05 available!

Erlang R13A on OpenVMS Integrity Servers V.05 available!

The fifth release of Erlang on OpenVMS Integrity Servers is now available!

This release includes support for HP SSL V1.4 (superseding support for HP SSL V1.3). The distribution now includes a shareable image that may be installed to reduce the memory overhead on systems that run multiple Erlang processes. The shareable image also simplifies linking of external drivers.
These are the Release Notes and Installation Guide for the fifth version.

Please see the Erlang On OpenVMS home page for additional details.

Erlang is a programming language which has many features more commonly associated with an operating system than with a programming language: concurrent processes, scheduling, memory management, distribution, networking, etc.
What better platform than OpenVMS is there to run Erlang on?

If you are interested in trying the software out, please send an email to brett.r.cameron(AT) and johndapps(AT) and we will get back to you quickly with the location of the kit. We should point out that the kit is some 45MB, so please be aware of the download times should you request a kit.

Why do we ask you to send us an email? Quite simply so that we know who has downloaded a kit and can satisfy our curiosity with regard to the success of the 'voluntary' work that we are doing. We do like to collect the odd bit of praise from people.

Regards, BC&JA

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